regain control over your utm-tracking

Fast! Consistent! Click Only! Across Team! UTM-Tracking

No more messy Excel Sheets and no more inconsistent UTM-Tracking with EXPRESS UTM-BUILDER!

For Marketers

Track every online marketing campaign, always right.

For Business Intelligencee

Consistent data allows perfect data evaluation.

For Influencers

Know which content you post bring the best traffic.

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Why Choose Express UTM Builder?

Setup your utm-Trackign with our fast & easy onboarding in minutes

With a few clicks & 10-15 minutes time, you can regain control over your UTM-Tracking. The UTM parameters are always created exactly as you planned them!

Our Express UTM-Builder is perfect for everyone who wants to take their Tracking to the next level!

UTM-Builder Team

Highlighted Features

make your UTM TrACKING easier and faster!

Tag like a PRO

Create a logical UTM structure and clickable UTM parameters with zero error tolerance! Accurate tracking that is always consistent and lightning fast throughout your entire team. UTM-Tracking was never that professional!

Save time

By clicking buttons instead of typing words out, you can tag your UTMS in a fraction of the time.

Google Analytics compatible

By default, we support the Google Analytics parameters of source, medium, name, term and content. So everything comes easy if Google Analytics is your tracking software of choice.

One click copy

After you input your data, you can create the final url in a single click which is copied to your clipboard.

Piwik & Adobe integration

Do you use something other than Google Analytics, like Pikwik (we know they are now called Matomo but we like the sound of Piwik much more) or Adobe Analytics? No problem! We can support those parameters too.

Save all your created URLs

All URLs are saved with date, time and author. This gives you full insight about all your created UTMs.

Force consistent lowercase

Google Analytics and other tracking softwares differentiate between upper and lowercase writing. UTM Builder only accepts lowercase parameters, helping you to minimize your errors.

Different permission levels

Should a team member be able to change the entire structure of your UTM parameters, or should they only be authorised to create links with the template. You decide!

Chrome extension

Our superfast Chrome extension means you are always only a few clicks away from lightning fast, error free UTMs. Just click on the left icon in order to download the 5 Star extension.

Bitl.y shortener

Its true: URLs become quite long with UTM parameters. That's why you can integrate a shortener with us! With just one click you can make your large URL into a nice lookingshort link.

Create rules triggers

You can build logical rules into your template's behaviour. Ideal for optimising complex templates! WARNING: This is for ultra smart people only!

Group UTM Parameters

Create subprofiles for your CRM-, Social Media or PR-team. That way, each team's most-used parameters can be grouped together and are always easily accessible.

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What Clients Say

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“If you are using UTM Parameters to track your campaigns regularly within a team, you need to get Express UTM-Builder.”
Marleen Albert
Head of social media
“Since we switched to Express UTM-Builder, our data collection is faster and more accurate than ever.”
Marleen Albert
Fredrik Andersson


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